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Aternity’s AI-Powered Intelligent Service Desk Revolutionizes Automated Troubleshooting, Remediation and Ticketing by modeling expert decision-making and employing user feedback within low-code runbooks. As a result, Aternity can fix a broad spectrum of recurring issues, prevent incidents, employ optimal resolutions, and reduce user frustration.
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Shift to Level Zero with Intelligent Automation

Replicate advanced investigations and resolve issues before they become tickets, without human intervention.

AI-Enabled Issue Detection and Troubleshooting

One-click drill down insights on the source of delay to client device, network, or back-end, for every app in the portfolio. Dynamic presentation of relevant, user-centric insights for any device and application, saving time for both IT and end users.

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Streamline User Feedback in Remediation Workflows

Integrate Sentiment surveys into the workflow logic for optimal resolution and reduced user frustration

Enable Intelligent Ticketing with ServiceNow.

Smart routing of unresolved issues to the right team with the right priority

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Intelligent Ticketing for ServiceNow Incident Response

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